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Saturday, February 17
  • The Cartography Project - Release Party

    Let Love Inn | Astoria, NY

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    9:00 pm

    Celebrating the release of "Cartography", Matt's collaborative new recording.


    Doron Lev - Drums
    Alex Busby Smith - Bass
    Isamu McGregor - Keys
    Dave Deej - Percussion
    Jon Lijoi - Trumpet
    Matt Owens - Trumpet
    Dillon Garrit - Trombone
    Gary Pickard - Alto Sax
    Andrew Gould - Alto Sax
    Peter Sparacino - Tenor Sax
    Sean Nowell - Tenor Sax
    Lo Wood - Bari Sax
    Jonathan Hoard - Vocals
    Ras N'Gosi Anbassa - Vocals

    Come on out and help us celebrate the birth of this new project into the world!