The Cartography Project

FEBRUARY 17, 2018

Matt Dickey is thrilled to present “Cartography, Vol. 1” – a new collaborative, large ensemble recording!

Please join us on Saturday February 17th as it is birthed into the world, when the extra large Cartography Orchestra takes over The Let Love Inn, in Astoria, NY.

Doron Lev – Drums | Alex Busby Smith – Bass | Isamu McGregor – Keys | Matt Dickey – Guitar | Dave Deej – Percussion | Gary Pickard, Andrew Gould – Alto Saxophones | Peter Sparacino, Sean Nowell – Tenor Saxophones | Lo Wood – Baritone Saxophone | Matt Owens, Jon Lijoi – Trumpets | Dillon Garrit – Trombone | Jonathan Hoard, Ras N’Gosi I Anbassa – Vocals

w/additional special guests!

About The Cartography Project:

Cartography can be defined as “the study and practice of making maps.” With a history that arguably goes as far back as all of documented human history itself, map making is, in effect, an ancient art form bearing many similarities with another ancient art form, the study and practice of making music.

Both art forms can exist across 4 dimensions, documenting both time and space. Both art forms require their own definitions of symbols and language. Both have the ability to tell stories in abstract and literal ways, simultaneously illustrating a multitude of ideas and themes. Both art forms have been riddled with controversy across the ages, simultaneously evolving as science and technology have advanced to give us more tools.

In some sense, composing a piece of music can be thought of as making a kind of map: how sounds, melodies, textures and rhythms will be performed or reproduced over time.

Many of the ideas and themes found in “Cartography, Vol. 1” can be thought of as stages of a personal, collective, and evolutionary “road map”. In consideration of all of this, “The Cartography Project” practically named itself. The collaborative vocal songs – in spite of their implicit darkness – are about growth, empowerment, strength, pride, moving forward and staying positive. These songs, combined with the instrumental “B-Side” compositions, are designed to get the listener moving and feeling good.

In a world seemingly more and more divisive with each passing day, “Cartography” aims to unify people with a diverse blend of styles and vibes. Musically, “Cartography, Vol. 1” contains sonic landscapes familiar to the idioms of big band, jazz/funk, fusion, classic soul/R&B, groove, rock and reggae. Featuring some of the best musicians NYC has to offer, at its core, this music is for anyone and everyone with a pulse.

“The Cartography Project” is expected to evolve and grow over time, with more volumes to come and more music on the horizon!

“Straight road-map to positivity” – Ras N’Gosi I Anbassa
“Moving forward from disaster, raise the world, because masters will fall” – J. Hoard